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Please call Charles Oakley for our very latest DISCOUNT prices on the model you require. We deliver Johnson outboard motors and Johnson spare parts worldwide. For details please call 01273-603322 or e-mail us via the ‘Contact Us’ tab towards the top left of this page.
We deliver Johnson outboard spares parts worldwide. We also have more Johnson outboard parts drawings than can be found online which include European and older engines.
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Johnson outboard parts   Do you need some Johnson outboard spares in the UK? Are you looking for a Johnson impeller or a Johnson fuel filter or perhaps some sparking plugs? In fact any spare parts for your Johnson outboard? Do you require advice on which parts you may need? We send Johnson spares by mail order not just across the UK but also worldwide. As well as this, we give free technical advice too! We supply Johnson parts for Johnson outboards from the late 1950’s to the present day. For more information or to order simply call us on 01273-603322 or e-mail us via the ‘Contact Us’ button towards the top left of this page. e.&o.e. ©  
Johnson online spares drawings   To view Johnson online spares drawings from the UK, please copy the following link into the address bar of a fresh browser page/tab: http://epc.brp.com To order any Johnson outboard spares, please call us on 01273 603322, or using the "Contact us" button towards the top left of this page you may either fill in the enquiry form or send an email to the address shown to the right of the enquiry form. Don’t forget to let us know your engine’s model number! Don't worry if you cannot find your Johnson model on the online parts catalogue as not all engines are listed. However we have access to more information and drawings than may be found on the web, so should be able to supply you with the Johnson parts that you require.  
Johnson outboard servicing   Johnson outboard servicing in Brighton, East Sussex and surrounding area. As an authorised Johnson dealer, we service Johnson outboards at our workshop in Brighton. If you are not able to bring your outboard to us, then we can service your Johnson outboard at your home or elsewhere, including at Brighton Marina, throughout Sussex and beyond! Please call us on 01273 603322 to book a service or if your engine is a smaller model, then simply bring it along to our workshop.  
J4R4 / J5R4 / J6R4   The 4-stroke Johnson J4R4, J5R4 & J6R4 outboards are purpose designed marine engines, not converted stationary engines as used by some manufacturers. Consequently, although it has by far the biggest capacity engine, endowing it with class leading performance, the weight is the same as most of the smaller capacity competition. However, these Johnson models are not short of features as they have full gears, shallow water drive, tiller mounted safety cut out switch, and adjustable friction on the throttle and the steering. Fuel is supplied from the integral tank, and on the 5hp & 6hp versions, a socket (optional on the 4hp) is fitted to the front of the engine to enable a remote tank to be connected to extend the range. For our special discount price, please call OUTBOARDS-DIRECT of BRIGHTON on 01273-603322 or e-mail us via the ‘Contact Us’ button towards the top left of this page. e.&o.e. ©  
J10EL4HT High Thrust   The Johnson J10EL4HT “High Thrust” four stroke is specifically for pushing displacement boats such as canal and river cruisers. We supply this model with a special large diameter, four bladed propeller. The blades are almost symmetrical and thus operate almost as efficiently when rotating in reverse, as when forwards. To ensure that the blades are able to grip the water at all times, the exhaust gas is always able to exit underwater on the downstream side of the blades. Consequently, reverse thrust in particular is improved dramatically resulting in easy manoeuvring and effective “brakes” when needed! Of course, this four stroke engine is very quiet and fuel efficient, with reports of up to 4 hours to the gallon! Full remote control is supplied as standard, as is electric starting. However, should the battery be flat for any reason when you arrive to take your boat out, then a hand recoil starter is fitted to the engine. This is in contrast with virtually all the Johnson’s competitors, which if needing to be started by hand, require the cowling to be removed and a rope wrapped around the flywheel! As well as the single lever remote control box, which incorporates the ignition switch, the Johnson J10 El4HT “ High Thrust” is also supplied with a fuel tank and line, wiring harness and battery cable. To ensure that your battery is kept topped up with power, the Johnson also has a 7 amp battery charger as standard. Of course, for peace of mind, as with all Johnson outboards, it has a two year, parts and labour manufacturers warranty. © e.& o.e.  
J10R4-TE4 /J10EL4 /J15R4-TE4   The 4-stroke Johnson 9.9hp & 15hp models have a reputation for excellent performance and reliability. They are very compact and with their slim cowling are much smaller than many competitors. All models have a convenient front mounted gear lever, and electric start versions are offered in both long and standard shaft. For our special discount price, please call OUTBOARDS-DIRECT of BRIGHTON on 01273-603322 or e-mail us via the ‘Contact Us’ button towards the top left of this page. e.&o.e. ©  
Emissions Regulations: The Truth   There has been, and still is a lot of serious misinformation concerning the EU 2006 emission regulations. Firstly, these are the ONLY regulations that affect recreational outboards sold in the UK and the rest of the EU. Engines used for commercial operations, safety boats etc., do not fall under the scope of these regulations. In simple terms, all new outboards sold in the EU for recreational use after 31st December 2006 have to comply with the EU2006 emission regulations. Regarding NEW outboard motors, the only engines currently capable of meeting these regulations are Direct Fuel Injected, spark ignition, two strokes (for example, the Evinrude E-TEC range) and spark ignition four stroke engines. Only these engines are able to meet the new standards and consequently are the only outboards which may be manufactured within, or imported into the EU now for recreational use. No compression ignition engines meet the regulations. Spark ignition means all engines powered by petrol / gas, whilst compression ignition means engines powered by diesel. However, contrary to popular belief, ALL outboard motors in use prior to the implementation of the new standard CAN continue to be used until they fall apart! The new directive does not ban the use of conventional 2-strokes, imported / manufactured within the EU prior to 2007. It is important to note that non-compliant outboard engines, such as any conventional carburettor two stroke outboard engines that have been imported into or manufactured within the E.U. from 1st January 2007 onwards may ONLY be sold and used by non-recreational users for the entire life of the outboard. It has always been possible that an authority in charge of a particular area may impose their own local regulations. This applies primarily on inland waterways, and is most common on reservoirs, which often ban all engines except electric. So to reiterate, modern new technology two strokes such as the Evinrude E-Tec range along side the latest four stroke outboards motors meet the EU emission regulations and may be used throughout the E.U. by any user subject to local regulations. e.&.o.e. ©  
EU 2006 Standard   EU 2006 Emissions Standards Label represents conformity to the EU emissions standards proposed by the Commission of the European Communities on 12th October 2000. IT IS THE ONLY EMISSION STANDARD THAT AFFECTS UK AND EU ENGINES. All other emission standards are irrelevant for the UK and the rest of the EU (for example EPA 2006, CARB 2004 /2008). The EU2006 standards will only affect the SUPPLY of NEW outboards for ‘RECREATIONAL’ use. By ‘recreational’, the regulators exclude engines for commercial registered vessels and racing engines. This text only is only with regard to recreational engines. ALL engines sold PRIOR to the full implementation of the standards on the dates shown below, may continue to be used. Effectively, after 31st December 2006, any NEW spark ignition two stroke outboard motor which does not meet the EU 2006 standards, (basically conventional carburettor / E.F.I. 2-strokes) will cease to be imported / manufactured into the EU. However, any engines held in stock by EU importers or dealers, which have been tax paid, are exempt, in the same way as though they had been sold prior to the regulations. Equally, only spark ignition four stroke and compression ignition (diesel) outboards, which meet the regulations, may be sold from 31st December 2005, with the same exemption about stock units. It should be noted that the spark ignition four stroke and compression ignition engines are required to meet the regulations a year earlier than spark ignition 2-strokes. (For more details see "Emissions: The Truth") Unlike the EPA and CARB standards, the EU 2006 standard covers three constituents of exhaust emissions, and noise levels. The exhaust emissions included are nitrous oxide and hydrocarbons (as included in EPA & CARB standards) plus carbon monoxide. Consequently the EU 2006 standard is the most difficult to attain compared with EPA and CARB. Unlike the US standards that allow a percentage of ‘dirty’ engines to be sold, the EU 2006 standard will affect EVERY NEW engine sold in the EU. The EU 2006 standard is also the only standard that also covers noise levels for outboards. It should be noted that the EU2006 standard also affects inboard engines in a similar manner to outboards. e.&.o.e. ©  
EPA 2006 (U.S.)   EPA 2006 Standards label shows compliance with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency exhaust emission standards. It covers nitrous oxide and hydrocarbon emissions. Conventional 2-strokes are unable to meet these standards. EPA standards are an indication of low emissions, but have no official status in the UK. e.&o.e. ©  
CARB 2004 / 2008 (U.S.)   CARB standards are an indication of low emissions, but have no official status in the UK or the EU. CARB 2004 Two Star label (Very Low Emissions) and CARB 2008 Three Star label (Ultra Low Emissions) represents compliance with the California Air Resources Board standards, which will be implemented in 2004 and 2008 respectively. These standards are very strict, with the two star CARB 2004 standards representing 20% lower emissions than the EPA 2006 standards whilst the ultra strict CARB 2008 standards, represented by the three star label, represents a phenomenal 65% reduction of nitrous oxide (NO) and hydrocarbon emissions compared to the EPA 2006 standards. Presently, the three star CARB 2008 standards have the lowest limits FOR THE GASES THEY REPRESENT, compared with EPA 2006 and EU 2006 standards. Please note that the EU 2006 standard also includes carbon monoxide (CO) and noise emissions. As the CARB standards do not measure CO, they are able to have a lower nitrous oxide limit as there is a direct relation between Nitrous oxide and carbon monoxide. If the output of one is lowered, the quantity of the other is raised. In the USA the regulators are not concerned with carbon monoxide (even though it is a lethal, odourless and colourless gas!) and thus have set the nitrous oxide limit extremely low. The effect of this is that although the engines may be adjusted to meet this limit, the carbon monoxide output level has increased dramatically. Consequently, the EU 2006 European standard is actually much more difficult to meet than the CARB standards. Compared to old 1998 limits, CARB 2008 limits are 90% lower! e.&.o.e. ©  
Return of goods under D.S.R.   Goods purchased under the Distance Selling Regulations (D.S.R.). To return any goods we supply to which the Distance Selling Regulations apply, you must advise us within fourteen days of receipt of the goods that you are returning the goods. The return of the goods and all freight and other costs associated with the return of the goods will be your responsibility. It is your responsibility to ensure that the goods kept in good condition whilst in your possession and are packaged suitably for safe transit back to ourselves. We are able to arrange for the goods to be collected if required, but the cost will remain your responsibility. If we have to arrange suitable packing before the goods can be transported back to ourselves, all costs will be your responsibility. If we receive the goods in a damaged or devalued condition, we reserve the right to charge you all costs associated with carrying out any repairs of the goods to restore them to their original condition or reduce to the refund payment by the amount of the reduction in value. Please note that the Distance Selling Regulations only apply to private clients, and do not apply to any businesses, clubs, associations, trade or other commercial customers. Your statutory rights are not affected. To contact us, please call 01273-603322 and speak with Charles Oakley, or write to us at Oakley Motor Units Ltd., Oakley House, Edward Street, Brighton, UK. BN2 0BA. To e-mail us, please use sales@outboards-direct. co.uk. If e-mailing us, please note that until you receive a reply confirming that we understand that you no longer require the goods, that we may not have received your e-mail. Our VAT number is 190 1062 96. The registered office is Oakley Motor Units Ltd., Oakley House, Edward Street, Brighton, UK. BN2 0BA and our company registration, recorded in London is 638519. Full conditions sale relating to the sale of any goods by us are available on request.  
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