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  Zodiac R.I.B.s start half way down this page.  
Cadet overview   ZODIAC Cadet inflatables are light, compact and easy to stow. They have the same features and high quality as their larger cousins. They have extra large diameter, tubes which increase progressively in size towards the stern. The tubes are made from Strongan™ Duotex™ 1100 Decitex material with thermobonded seams. The new truncated tube ends have hard protective caps to help protect the boat, along with a new deeper spray deflecting thermobonded rubbing strake. Reclining oar supports, stainless steel towing rings and the excellent fold out ‘Modulo’ carry bag are also standard. The detail finish even includes aluminium protection for not only the front face of the transom, where an outboard would be clamped, but also the top edge. Also standard is the lever operated self bailer. Depending on the size boat, the Zodiac Cadet’s have a slatted floor, a roll-up floor, full length sectioned marine plywood floor, H2P high pressure non-slip floor and the top of the range Acti-V high pressure floor and keel. For more information on these superb craft please see the other Cadet and Cadet Fastroller Acti-V sections which follow below on our main Zodiac page. All models except the Cadet 200 are supplied with a marine ply bench seat. Please see towards the bottom of the main Zodiac page for further details about the fabric, thermbonding, self bailer etc. e.&o.e. ©  
Cadet / Cadet S Cadet Aero H2P tenders   The world renowned Zodiac Cadet tenders are extremely strong, tough, but light. They all have a welded construction for maximum strength and longevity with extra large progressive diameter tubes. The low weight is achieved by using the very best quality materials and the latest construction methods giving greater strength than most competitors. Within the Cadet range, you can choose from a variety of floors: Slatted, roll-up, full length solid marine plywood, and aerodeck high pressure inflatable floors. The slatted floor is extra light and allows the dinghy to be simply rolled out, inflated and launched with ease in under 10 minutes. When finished with, deflate, roll up and stow in the carry bag. When stowed, they use the absolute minimum of stowage space. Both the Cadet 200 and Cadet 240 have slatted floors. Next is the slightly larger Cadet 260 which is equally simple to commission as it has a roll-up ¾ length floor. The Cadet 260 Aero H2P, like its smaller cousin the Cadet 240 Aero H2P has a full length, high pressure, non-slip inflatable floor. The Cadet 260S is the first of the range to be available with a high quality, full length, marine plywood floor as used in the Cadet 285S, 310S and 340S. All full length floored versions feature an inflatable keel under the floor to enhance ride, handling and sea keeping capabilities of these boats. All models except the Cadet 200 come as standard with a quick fit wooden seat. They also feature the patented ‘Safe click’ oar retainers which allow the oar to be adjusted for angle and shoulder width. A lever operated self bailer is another Zodiac innovation. For clients wanting the 2.85 metre and larger boats, but with a high pressure inflatable floor, please see the Cadet Fastroller Acti-V page for details and pictures. For our special discount price, please call OUTBOARDS-DIRECT of BRIGHTON on 01273-603322 or e-mail us via the ‘Contact Us’ button towards the top left of this page. e.&o.e. ©  
Cadet Fastroller Acti-V range   The Zodiac Cadet Fastroller Acti-V range use technology developed by Zodiac and is not used by any other manufacturers. The result is that the Cadet Fastroller range offer an unbeatable combination of light weight, superb performance and remarkable internal space. The models come in lengths of 2.85 metres, 3.25 metres and 3.60 metres. The superb Acti-V high pressure inflatable floor is reinforced by the inter-connected, high pressure keel, creating the most rigid inflatable floor on the market! Not only that but all Acti-V floors are finished with a highly effective non-slip surface that remains safe to stand on even if completely wet! These boats all have large 45cm diameter buoyancy chambers, which are of a welded construction using top grade fabric for maximum strength, and safety. Most competitors are hand glued and whose fabrics are generally of inferior quality. The Acti-V floor does not only have tremendous rigidity, but the high pressure keel is very deep, giving a superb underwater shape for smoothing out the waves. Not only that, but all the Cadet Fastroller range have a pair of anti-skid fins towards the stern on the underside of the hull to give manoeuvrability that leaves other inflatables floundering! On the largest Cadet 360 Fastroller Acti-V Int-L, there is a special 4 litre dry storage chamber fitted with the bow. Of course they feature other Zodiac specialities, such as the fully adjustable oars which may be angled and adjusted to suit the rower’s shoulders width to ensure maximum effectiveness when rowing, The oars are easily stowed when they are not in use by sliding the oar retainer over the button fixed on top of the buoyancy chamber and even have a quick adjustable friction ring to ensure they stay in place! Of course, the excellent Zodiac lever operated self bailer is fitted, doing away with having to lean over the transom to place or remove a rubber bung as on other lesser makes. Do not be fooled by other brands claims. None offer the advantages found in these superb craft from Zodiac. Please see under "Zodiac Features" towards the bottom of the main Zodiac page for further details etc about the Acti-V airfloor etc.. For our special discount price, please call OUTBOARDS-DIRECT of BRIGHTON on 01273-603322 or e-mail us via the ‘Contact Us’ button towards the top left of this page. e.&o.e. ©  
Classic   The Zodiac Classic is the worlds best known inflatable boat, made famous by the fantastic exploits of the late Jacques Cousteau. Tough, dependable, the latest models have greater internal space than earlier versions, plus an oversize buoyancy tube which increases stability and safety. It is available with two different types of floor. The ST aluminium framed non-slip wood floorboards have special tie down rails, for fastening equipment such as the optional padded bench seat. Alternatively, the Classic may be supplied with the HD aluminium floor for maximum strength and durability, which like the ST wood floor is equipped with tie down rails. The HD floor consists of three full aluminium boards plus for the bow area two black marine ply boards with bonded aluminium joint edges. On both types, an inflatable keel, four carry handles, stainless steel bow handle / eye and a capacious detachable bow bag are all standard. The Classic comes in three sizes, Mark 1 - 11’6’’ (3.5m), Mark 2 Compact - 12’6’’ (3.8m) and the Mark 2 – 13’9’’ (4.2m). Capable of handling engines up to 40hp, these are very tough, dependable boats, widely used by commercial operators. Fifty years of experience and development go into making the Zodiac Classic and no other manufacturer comes close! For our special discount price, please call OUTBOARDS-DIRECT of BRIGHTON on 01273-603322 or e-mail us via the ‘Contact Us’ button towards the top left of this page. e.&o.e. ©  
Futura   The Futura range features larger diameter buoyancy tubes, with a progressive taper, and of course, the Zodiac patented Zodiac Futura hull which has two additional tubes on the underside of the boat. These large diameter tubes are positioned on the very edge of the hull material, and overlap onto the underside of the main tubes. Combined with the big inflatable central keel, the additional under tubes allow the Futura models to plane extremely easily, whilst making the boat very smooth riding and able to turn exceptionally well. Two types of floor are available: HD = aluminium main boards for heavy duty applications; FR = Fastroller H2P high pressure inflatable floor for maximum portability. The superb ride and handling enable the Futura models to pull skiers, which on the HD version is made even simpler when fitted with the deluxe seating and steering as shown. Of course, if you want the best handling, but still have maximum portability and low weight then opt for the FR inflatable floor model. With this boat, just unpack, inflate, pop the engine onto the transom, add any equipment you require and away you go, all in a matter of minutes. Please see our ‘Special Offers’ page for details about our special High Speed 12 volt electric inflators to make the inflating of the boat even easier! The Futura also features an extra large bow storage bag and the boat is even equipped with a bow roller and a cleat for use when anchoring. With three length boats from 3.7m to 4.5m, two floor types, and passenger carrying capacities of up to nine people, there is a Futura for just about every use! So if you want the ultimate in performance choose from the HD aluminium floor models, with engines of up to 60hp permissible, or opt for the portability of the FR Fastroller models. Skiing - diving – fishing – and all kinds of fun is possible with a Zodiac Futura. No other manufacturer has managed to design an inflatable with so much to offer! e.&o.e. ©  
Futura specifications    
YL220R / YL275R / YL310R / YL340R   These tender R.I.B.s, with their stability, security and dry ride, stand out from the crowd. In elegant white, the Yachtline range of lightweight R.I.B. tenders have buoyancy tubes that look great and serve to protect your yacht from damage when it is moored alongside. Using a moderate V-hull, planing is quick and easy, even when fully loaded. Unusually for lightweight tender R.I.B.s, the Yachtline range feature a flat deck, as they have a double skin glassfibre hull section. Most competitors use a cheaper to produce, single skin hull, resulting in the same V shape inside as outside! Davit lifting points, two towing rings and a non slip deck are standard on all models, whilst all except the 220R have a cushioned removable bench seat, two carry handles and a large rubbing strake. With all these features, plus the Zodiac ”Safe Click”, fully adjustable rowlocks, semi- ressed valves and of course the Strongan™ Duotex™ 2 x 1100 Decitex material, these craft are the best in there class. For our special discount price, please call OUTBOARDS-DIRECT of BRIGHTON on 01273-603322 or e-mail us via the ‘Contact Us’ button towards the top left of this page. e.&o.e. ©  
YL340DL / YL380DL   The NEW Zodiac Yachtline 340 /380 Deluxe R.I.B.s are the very latest in the Yachtline range. These craft have a newly design hull, to ensure that they offer outstanding performance and handling. The special shape of the stern enables these craft to handle heavier motors with ease. The Yachtline 340 /380 Deluxe, even with the largest allowable four strokes fitted, will accelerate onto the plane with no fuss, and with the bow rise kept to a minimum, unlike many competitors. The equipment level is very high, from the stylish, ergonomic console, through the stainless steel bow rail, the built in 35 litre fuel tank complete with fuel/water separator, the three davit lifting points, and the navigation lights, to the contoured high quality upholstered cushions. These boats exude quality, and make not only excellent tenders to larger craft, but are also superb boats in their own right. For our special discount price, please call OUTBOARDS-DIRECT of BRIGHTON on 01273-603322 or e-mail us via the ‘Contact Us’ button towards the top left of this page. e.&o.e. ©  
YL420DL / YL480DL   The Yachtline 420 / 480 Deluxe R.I.B.s are known for their excellent performance. Like their smaller cousins, the Yachtline 340 /380 Deluxe, they are very well equipped. They even have cup holders! The top of the range 480 model even includes a telescopic bathing ladder and a tinted windscreen with handle rail. Easy to control, comfortable, dry riding, they are an excellent choice for the client who wants that little bit extra. As with their smaller cousins they even have removable tubes for easy maintenance, made from the latest generation material, which is stronger, tougher and more abrasion resistant than virtually all their competitors. For our special discount price, please call OUTBOARDS-DIRECT of BRIGHTON on 01273-603322 or e-mail us via the ‘Contact Us’ button towards the top left of this page. e.&o.e. ©  
Pro Open 550   Full details of this superb new model to follow soon. Please click on 'View Details' to see pictures of the Pro Open 550.  
Pro Open 650   Full details of this excellent RIB to follow soon. Please click on 'View Details' to see pictures of the Pro Open 650.  
Medline RIBs overview   The Medline range of R.I.B.s come in four lengths:- The Medline 1 is 4.80 metres, the Medline 2 Compact is 5.3 metres, the Medline 2 is 6.00 metres and finally the Medline 3 is 7.3 metres overall. They are made for people wanting a boat that is versatile, safe, elegant, and well equipped. People that want a craft that is not going to be confused with a commercial or club boat. The Medline range is made for friends and family to join you out on the water for many enjoyable days, fishing, skiing, diving, sun bathing etc.. All the Medline range feature deep ‘V’ hulls, designed to give you a smooth ride and removable tubes for ease of storage etc. They are all fitted with long range fuel tanks to allow serious cruising or hours of general fun, between fill-ups. For example the Medline 2 has a 220 litre built in fuel tank. What with automatic bilge pumps, telescopic bathing ladders, battery boxes and switch gear, decent sized windscreens with stainless steel grab handle surrounds, multiple lockers, tube mounted stainless handles, Zodiac Strongan™ Duotex™ fabric etc, these boats are hard to beat. e.&o.e. ©  
Medline 1   The 4.8 metre Medline 1 is the smallest of the Medline range, but it still packs a punch with a potential top speed of 42 mph when fitted with the maximum allowable 75hp outboard engine. Like her larger cousins, the Medline 1 is immensely practical, and has an anchor locker, a bow locker, a side locker, and a cavernous stern locker for maximum stowage. The standard bathing ladder makes it easy to board the boat after swimming, skiing etc. The large 52cm diameter tubes are detachable for convenience, and for safety are divided into five separate chambers. Due to her lightness, most small family cars are able to tow the Medline 1 with ease, and she may be launched single handed when required. Not only is she easy to handle on dry land, but also the Medline 1 drives superbly on water. The 24.5° hull angle ensures a smooth and comfortable ride combined with excellent handling characteristics. e.&o.e. ©  
Medline 2 Compact   The new 5.3 metre Medline 2 Compact (2C) is fast becoming the most popular craft in the Medline range. With a transom weight limit a generous 195kg, the Medline 2C is able to handle just about any outboard up to 100hp, including the latest four strokes. With a top speed of up to 43 mph the Zodiac Medline 2C makes an excellent ski and general fun boat with performance aplenty! The deep 24.5° ‘V’ hull angle results in a smooth and comfortable ride, whilst also offering excellent handling characteristics. Special hull planing extensions enable the Medline 2C to get onto the plane with ease, even when fitted with a heavy four stroke engine. Like the smaller and lower powered Medline 1, the Medline 2C may be launched single handed when required and most small family cars can easily tow her. The standard 120 litre fuel tank offers a tremendous range potential, and also reduces the number of times needed to re-fuel. For practicality, the lockers are large and plentiful, and include a proper anchor locker. Anchoring is made easy with the fitment of a folding bow roller on the bow. The pilot/ co-pilot seat back rest folds down to create a large, flat, comfortable platform for sunbathing. The bow area may be also transformed into a sunbathing area, or set up with a picnic table for ‘on water’ dining, by using the ‘Picnic table and sundeck cushion set’, which is available as an optional extra. The seat position allows the helmsman to pilot the Medline 2C either sitting or standing, whilst the console offers plenty of space for instrumentation to keep the helmsman properly informed. To maximise her usefulness for watersports, a folding boarding ladder is fitted as standard. The Medline 2C makes just about the perfect all rounder! e.&o.e. ©  
Medline 2   The superb looking Medline 2 is 6 metres in length, and is aimed at those who are serious about watersports. Able to handle both two and four stroke outboard motors of up to 150hp, the Zodiac Medline 2 offers excellent performance and handling. This offshore boat has an oversize (57.5cm diameter) tube that is divided into five separate chambers for added safety and her sea worthiness is further enhanced by the deep ‘V’ hull that has an extra long shaft transom height. The Medline 2 is a very stylish boat, with the looks greatly enhanced by the fitment as standard of the rear polyester arch. This arch has navigation lights as standard, and of course makes an ideal point for fitting aerials etc. For maximum convenience, the arch may be folded down when the boat is not in use. The spacious lockers, some so large you could almost get lost, easily house a multitude of paraphernalia, keeping the decks clear. Like the other Medline boats, the Medline 2 bow area may be also transformed by using the ‘Picnic table and sundeck cushion set’ that is available as an optional extra, into a sunbathing area or set up with a picnic table for ‘dining with a difference’. Just imagine how many different views you can see from your ‘on water restaurant’! Most clients prefer to use the Medline 2 for short cruises, skiing, wake boarding and general fun with friends and family and relax in the knowledge that their boat, with her 220 litre fuel tank fitted as standard, can cover serious distances if required, including crossing to the continent! Spacious, comfortable, safe and dependable, the Medline 2 is top of her class! e.&o.e. ©  
Medline 3   For the ultimate, opt for the Medline 3. This 7.3 metre long RIB offers massive safety, space and dependability. Able to handle twin outboards, this boat can really go places! With the functional yet incredibly eye catching arch, the Medline 3 looks the part just about anywhere. Lockers galore keep everything neatly stowed. It has a cabin complete with sink etc., a transom shower and for those long trips, is equipped with dual fuel tanks. Hydraulic steering makes life easy for the helmsman. Vast cushioned sun decks and even a standard picnic table, this RIB really has it all! e.&o.e. ©  
Medline specifications   Please see "View Details" for the Medline specifications.  
PRO RANGE COMMON FEATURES   The new Zodiac Pro range of R.I.B.s offer the maximum of choice. They are available with either Red or Grey detachable buoyancy tubes which are simple to remove for storage / maintenance. The Zodiac Pro range are all supplied as a bare boat, allowing the purchaser to choose exactly the right options for them from the large range of accessories. Choose from jockey consoles, stand up consoles, consoles with built in fuel tanks (9 man and 16 man), rod holders, diving bottle racks, boarding ladders, the list of possible options gives you the ultimate in choice. No other manufacturer gives you such a combination of features and accessories. The deep V hull ensures a comfortable and safe ride. All the Zodiac Pro range have a non slip deck, a bow locker, bow roller and all use long shaft outboard motors. e.&o.e. ©  
PRO 7 man / PRO 9 man / PRO 12 man / PRO 16 man   The Zodiac Pro range offers craft in four sizes. The 7 man is 4.20 metres in length, with the 9 man measuring 4.70 metres, the 12 man is 5.3 metres overall, whilst the 16 man is 6.00 metres long. Like her larger cousins, the Pro 7 man R.I.B. although the smallest in the Pro range, with its deep V hull is able to perform as well as larger craft from other manufacturers in all manner of conditions. The large diameter, multi chamber detachable tubes offer tremendous buoyancy and make the craft very stable at rest. Of course, if you get bored with one colour, you can always purchase another set of buoyancy tubes in the alternate colour and swap them at will! The Pro 9 man, like the Pro 7 man offers more interior length than its predecessor, and has greater interior width than before. They are both able to handle heavier and more powerful engines than before, to enable them to carry more weight on board, faster than ever before. The best-selling Zodiac Pro range simply gets better and better. Superb handling at all speeds, a dry and comfortable ride results in the best that there is! No matter whether for fishing, skiing, diving, commercial operations etc., the Zodiac Pro range is the number one choice. For our special discount price, please call OUTBOARDS-DIRECT of BRIGHTON on 01273-603322 or e-mail us via the ‘Contact Us’ button towards the top left of this page. e.&o.e. ©  
Strongan™ Duotex™   High performance fabric, exclusive to ZODIAC, Strongan™ is a 3rd generation plastomer which bonds impervious inner and outer layers to a dense polyester support cloth. It resists cuts and abrasions and is easily repairable in the unlikely event of a puncture. e.&o.e. ©  
Thermobonding   Developed by ZODIAC, a robotized hot assembly technique originating from the aeronautical industry. Much stronger and more precise than old fashioned hand-glued methods, the resulting seams are virtually indestructible. e.&o.e. ©  
Acti-V Airfloor & keel   The H2P high pressure performance inflatable floor design developed by Zodiac has now been taken to another level, the new Acti-V . The extra thick 67mm Acti-V not only features all of the advantages of the H2P Airfloor (please see separate H2P Airfloor page for further details), but it also has a H2P keel. The Acti-V keel is not only much taller and thinner than conventional inflatable keels, but it as rigid as a beam. It forms a very deep V hull shape, deeper indeed than some R.I.B.s. Although fully inflatable, because of the strength endowed by the extra thickness of the floor, combined with the re-inforcing effect of the high pressure keel, the Acti-V floor / keel assembly is able to resist flexing to a degree never before achieved. The result is a range of craft that are the smoothest, driest riding, and the best handling in their class. For maximum convenience, the Acti-V floor & keel assembly is inflated from a single valve. e.&o.e. ©  
H2P Airfloor   The 50mm thick H2P high pressure performance inflatable floor has been developed by Zodiac. These air cushion floors consist of the upper and lower outer layers held together by thousands of polyester cross stitches. Operating over three times the pressure of the main tubes, the Zodiac Airfloors are virtually as rigid as traditional floors, but only a fraction of the weight, and much more compact for stowage. Many competitors inflatable floors only operate at the normal tube pressure, resulting in a floor that distorts easily. Also they normally lack the non slip finish that Zodiac H2P Airfloors have as standard and of course, are not of welded construction, unlike all Zodiac H2P Airfloors. e.&o.e. ©  
Removable Tube System   The removable tube system is a clever concept used by Zodiac on most of the R.I.B. models. The benefits are that the tube may be removed for storage, repair, maintenance and transportation. Obviously in the unfortunate event that the inflatable tube should become damaged, it if far easier to package it in a box and send it to be repaired, rather than have to take the entire boat to a specialist repair centre. When the craft is not in use for a long period, it may well be better for the tube to be removed and stored away from the effects of the weather. How many R.I.B.s have tubes that look tired and dirty? With this easy to use system, that will be a thing of the past! To install the tube, simply unroll the it and then slide the special bolt rope attached to the inner side of the tube into the slot starting near the bow of the rigid hull. Pull the tube along the length of the slot, and secure them. Now inflate the tube and that’s it, your boat is ready for the water! e.&o.e. ©  
Cadet Planing Flaps   Unique to the Zodiac Cadet range are this new innovation. These tough, detachable, double hinged, planing flaps enable the boat to get onto the plane more easily and faster, whilst allowing the boat to plane at lower speeds than without the flaps. They also reduce the bow rise when getting onto the plane. Typically they are especially useful when using a four stroke engine that is near to the maximum rating for the boat, or when operating the inflatable just one up. If just on person is aboard, to get the boat onto the plane, so that it is going over the water rather than through it, it is normal to sit much further forward than when two or more people are onboard. However, these planning flaps allow the operator to sit further back, making it more comfortable, and in many cases completely eliminating the need for an extension tiller. These flaps are quickly fitted to the permanent bracket on the transom (bracket standard on 2005 series Cadet Fastroller Acti-V models) and may be easily folded in half and then up against the transom when they are not needed. A kit allows them to be fitted to all Zodiac Cadets. e.&o.e. ©  
“Safe Click” oar support   This new reclining oar support allows the oars to be interchanged, and installed and removed in a “click”. No parts to screw on. No fitting the wrong way around, just locate the rowlock and “click”! The rowlocks also allow the oar to be correctly angled whilst rowing, as well as being adjusted to suit the rower’s shoulder width. Many competitors rowlocks consist of a pin which pushes through a hole drilled in the oar (thus weakening the oar) and with a separate screw on cap to keep the oar attached, a design which obviously does not allow the oar to be angled etc., unlike the patented Zodiac “Safe Click”. For simplicity, strength and safety, the Zodiac “Safe Click” oar support leads the way! (Some earlier Zodiac reclining oar supports may be upgraded to the new “Safe Click” design. Please ask us for further details) e.&o.e. ©  
Lever type self bailer   The patented lever operated self bailer eliminates the need to grope around underwater between the engine and the transom when trying to either remove or put in place the drain bung. With this new system, simply move the lever either left or right, depending on whether you require the self bailer to be open or closed. So simple, but not done before! e.&o.e. ©  
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