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Model  VariMAX FWV40HT / FWV45HT / FWV55HT     Description  The Motorguide VariMAX electric outboard motors are state of the art. Please click ‘View Details’ for images. These superb, digitally controlled, 12 volt electric outboards come in three different powers, ranging from the FWV40HT30 which produces up to 40lbs thrust through the 45lbs thrust FWV45HT36, and up to the superb FWV55HT36, which develops 55lbs thrust. They feature BluVis digital controllers, which allow the thrust to be varied in almost infinite steps, so that you can always select the perfect speed. As well as giving excellent control, they also maximise the power from the battery (external and supplied separately if required) and give up to three times the running time of a conventional electric outboard. A new feature is the simple push / pull, forwards / reverse, telescopic, twist grip throttle control. No more thinking which way do I have to twist it to go forwards! Not only that, but there is a 10 stage display showing in 10% increments the engine speed. It is important to note that there are 270 different actual settings, giving the almost infinite speed adjustment, but of course 270 is far too many to display! The running depth and the angle of the engine may be quickly altered as the bracket features quick, press to adjust, trim angle and depth adjustments plus quick adjust steering friction. No screw knobs to lose! The bracket uses the Taper-Lock mount, which results in less play than the other mounts. The larger diameter aluminium shaft ensures maximum durability and strength. When the motor is turned off, the BluVis display lights up for 3 seconds showing the remaining battery voltage. The twist grip speed control handle is telescopic for better comfort, and the complete head assembly may be turned using an Allen key, in relation to the shaft, if the motor is mounted on the bow or perhaps on the side of the boat. To further increase efficiency, a special three blade propeller is fitted as standard. The 40lbs and 55lbs thrust models come in two different shaft lengths, 30’’ and 36’’ for the FWV40HT model and 36’’ and 42’’ for the FWV55HT model. Most popular by far are the shorter versions of each model. These new electric outboards are undoubtedly the best on the market! For more details or our special discount price, please call OUTBOARDS-DIRECT of BRIGHTON on 01273-603322 or e-mail us via the ‘Contact Us’ button towards the top left of this page. e.&o.e. ©         
Engine type: Digital control electric - 12 volt. Power output: FWV40HT - 40lbs (18.2kg) thrust / FWV45HT – 45lbs (20.5kg) thrust / FWV55HT – 55lbs (25kg) thrust. Speed control: Twist grip tiller – 270 forward / 270 reverse speed settings. Transom height: Fully adjustable FWV40HT30 - 12’’ (305mm) – 20’’ (508mm). / FWV40 / 45 / 55HT36 - 12’’ (305mm) – 25’’ (635mm) / FWV55HT42 – 12’’ (305mm) – 30’’ (762mm). Gear ratio: Direct drive. Weight: FWV40HT - 15.5lbs (7kg) / FWV45HT - 16.5lbs (7.5kg) / FWV55HT – 20lbs (9.1kg). Shaft material: Aluminium. Tilt positions: 7. Power indicator: Yes. Battery indicator: Yes. Gears: Forward – reverse. Gear operation: Tiller pull - push. Steering friction: Adjustable. Steering head position: Adjustable. e.&o.e.