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Model  Evinrude 3.5hp four stroke    Description  Evinrude B3R4 four stroke. Please click the "View Details" button for pictures, specifications and further information.     The new Evinrude 3.5hp offers not just Evinrude’s legendary reliability, but great performance economy and power. The Evinrude B3R4 is not only lightweight but stylish and immensely practical too! Although about 7kg lighter than most 4hp outboards, the smallest outboard in the Evinrude range, still manages to pack a punch that gives almost the same speed as a bigger 4hp engine! The throttle is controlled by a comfortable twist grip on the Evinrude’s tiller. To assist manoeuvring etc., this versatile outboard has a gearshift, enabling the drive to the propeller to be engaged and disengaged at the flick of a lever! The 3.5hp Evinrude makes an ideal choice as a power for a tender, being light, compact and easily stowed. For the best discount price, call Charles Oakley on 01273-603322 or e-mail us via the “Contact us” tab towards the top left of this page. e.&o.e. ©    
Engine Type: 1-cylinder / 4-stroke. Displacement: 86cc. Power output: 2.6kW (3.5hp) @ 5,500 R/min. Cooling: Water, thermostatically controlled. Lubrication: Wet Sump - splash. Oil capacity: 0.3 litre. Lighting Coil/Alternator: N/A. Starter System: Manual. Ignition: Digital CD system. Carburation: Single carburettor. Choke: Manual. Throttle control: Twist grip. Fuel Tank: Integral - 1 litre. Maximum fuel consumption: 1.4 litres per hour. Fuel: 91 Octane unleaded petrol. Recommended transom height: 17’’ (435mm). Steering: Tiller. Dry Weight: 18kg. Gear shift: Side lever. Gears: Forward – neutral + 360° pivot. Gear Ratio: 2.15:1 e.&o.e.