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Model  Evinrude 4hp / 6hp four stroke    Description  Please click the "View Details" button for pictures, specifications and further information on the Evinrude 4hp and 6hp four stroke outboards.     The Evinrude 4hp B4R4 and the 6hp B6R4 both share the same leg and block but are of course tuned differently, resulting in the two separate outputs. Both these compact Evinrude engines are available in either short shaft or long shaft. The 6hp Evinrude is also available with a special extra long shaft version that is ideal as an auxiliary for many yachts. To assist in this application, the Evinrude 6hp extra long shaft may be fitted with a special high thrust propeller that is designed specifically to push heavy displacement boats.For example a 23' yacht may displace two tons and the Evinrude 6hp would be an ideal choice of engine for this application. This special high thrust propeller is also available for the Evinrude 4hp model as well. Full forward, neutral and reverse gears are standard and for maximum convenience, they are operated by an easily accessible, front mounted gear lever. The Evinrude 4hp models have an integral fuel tank as standard, but for those that need a longer range, the Evinrude 4hp outboard also has a coupling that is ready to accept a remote fuel tank. When using an optional external fuel tank, these engines will run for hours and hours. For example the using a 12 litre fuel tank, the Evinrude 4hp four stroke will keep motoring along at full speed for no less than 8 hours. Good as this time is, it is nothing compared to when cruising. Then the 4hp Evinrude will keep on going for an incredible 16 hours or more! Instead of an integral fuel tank, the Evinrude 6hp is supplied with a remote fuel tank and fuel line as standard. For convenience the fuel line is detachable from the tank, so that when re-filling the tank you do njot have six feet of fuel line trying to trip you up! If operating where there is little water depth or on shoaling conditions, these Evinrude engines offer shallow water drive to allow the engine to be operated partially tilted. This helps prevent the outboard from hitting the bottom and greatly reduces the chances of damaging the propeller. Shallow water drive is particularly useful when launching and recovering from a beach. Reliability is excellent and although these Evinrude outboards are small, they even have an oil pressure warning light so that the operator knows that the oil pump is doing it’s job of ensuring that the oil is lubricating all the important internals! What more could you need?? For a special discount prices, please call Charles Oakley on 01273-603322 or e-mail us via the “Contact us” tab towards the top left of this page. e.&o.e. ©   
Engine Type: 1-cylinder / 4-stroke. Displacement: 123cc. Power output: B4R4 – 4hp (2.9kW) @ 5,000 rpm / B6R4 – 6hp (4.4kW) @ 5,500 rpm. Cooling: Water, thermostatically controlled. Lubrication: Wet sump – trochoid pump. Oil capacity: 0.45 litre. Lighting Coil/Alternator: Optional 12 volt - 6 amp. Starter System: Manual. Ignition: CDI system. Carburation: Single carburettor. Choke: Manual. Throttle control: Twist grip. Fuel Tank: B4R4 - 1.15 litre integral / B6R4 – 12 litre remote. Maximum full throttle fuel consumption: B4R4 4hp - 1.5 litres per hour / B6R4 6hp – 2.0 litres per hour. Fuel: 91 Octane unleaded petrol. Maximum transom height: B4R4 / B6R4 - 17’’ (435mm) / B4RL4 / B6RL4 22’’ (562mm) / B6RX4 - 27’’ (689mm). Steering: Tiller. Dry Weight: B4R4 – 26.1kg / B4RL4 - 26.6kg / B6R4 – 25.6kg / B6RL4 – 26.1kg / B6RX4 - 26.6kg. Gear shift: Front lever. Gears: Forward – neutral - reverse. Gear Ratio: 2.15:1 e.&o.e.