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Model  J10EL4HT High Thrust    Description  The Johnson J10EL4HT “High Thrust” four stroke is specifically for pushing displacement boats such as canal and river cruisers. We supply this model with a special large diameter, four bladed propeller. The blades are almost symmetrical and thus operate almost as efficiently when rotating in reverse, as when forwards. To ensure that the blades are able to grip the water at all times, the exhaust gas is always able to exit underwater on the downstream side of the blades. Consequently, reverse thrust in particular is improved dramatically resulting in easy manoeuvring and effective “brakes” when needed! Of course, this four stroke engine is very quiet and fuel efficient, with reports of up to 4 hours to the gallon! Full remote control is supplied as standard, as is electric starting. However, should the battery be flat for any reason when you arrive to take your boat out, then a hand recoil starter is fitted to the engine. This is in contrast with virtually all the Johnson’s competitors, which if needing to be started by hand, require the cowling to be removed and a rope wrapped around the flywheel! As well as the single lever remote control box, which incorporates the ignition switch, the Johnson J10 El4HT “ High Thrust” is also supplied with a fuel tank and line, wiring harness and battery cable. To ensure that your battery is kept topped up with power, the Johnson also has a 7 amp battery charger as standard. Of course, for peace of mind, as with all Johnson outboards, it has a two year, parts and labour manufacturers warranty. © e.& o.e.        
Engine Type: 4-Stroke 2 cyl, In-line SOHC (Single Overhead Cam) 2 valve. Displacement: 302cc. Propshaft HP: 9.9 HP (7.4 kw) @ 5,000rpm. Fuel Induction: 1 carburettor. Starting:Remote electric. Trim Method: Manual Trim & Tilt. Dry weight: 47kg. Full Throttle Operating Range: 4,700-5,300rpm. Gear Ratio/Shift: 1.92:1 (12:23) F-N-R. Alternator: 7 amp. Cooling: Temperature Controlled Water Cooling. Steering: Remote. e.&o.e.