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Model  Evinrude 9.8hp four stroke    Description  Please click the "View Details" button for pictures, specifications and further information on the Evinrude 9.8hp four stroke outboards.     The Evinrude 9.8hp four stroke is one of the lightest twin cylinder engines in this class. This helps explain the excellent performance that they give. Combined the performance with about the lowest fuel consumption in this class, it is easy to see why the Evinrude is proving a popular choice. The overhead camshaft that drives the inlet and exhaust valves directly aids not only the efficiency but also reduces maintenance and increases reliability. There are a multitude of different versions available, from hand start tiller control models, electric start tiller control models, electric start remote control models and even models with power tilt! All the electric start models have a 6 amp, 12 volt output to ensure that the boat’s starter battery is well charged. The tiller control models all have a front mounted gear lever for operator convenience and not only can you choose to have tiller control with electric start, but even choose to have electric start and power tilt! Another popular feature of all the electric start models is that they also have a full manual recoil hand start fitted. This is ideal if as an example, the lights were left on the last time the boat was used, and the battery has lost all of its charge. This way, when you arrive at your boat, it does not mean a wasted journey, as you can simply use the hand manual recoil start to get the engine going, after which it will start to recharge the battery! These Evinrude engines really take some beating which is why they are proving popular with commercial operators who not only like the features but also demand maximum reliability. For our special discount prices, please call Charles Oakley on 01273-603322 or e-mail us via the “Contact us” tab towards the top left of this page. e.&o.e. ©   
Engine Type: 2 cylinder / 4-stroke. Displacement: 209cc. Power output: 9.8hp (7.2.kW) @ 5,500 rpm. Cooling: Water, thermostatically controlled. Lubrication: Wet sump – trochoid pump. Oil capacity: 0.80 litre. Lighting Coil/Alternator: B10R (RL)4 - Optional 12 volt, 6 amp / All electric start models – 12 volt, 6 amp. Starter System: B10R (RL)4 – Manual recoil / B10TEL (TPL,TPX)4 – Manual recoil and electric / B10EL(PL,PX)4 – Manual recoil and remote electric. Ignition: CDI system. Carburation: Single carburettor. Choke: All tiller models – Manual / All electric start models - Remote. Fuel Tank: 12 litre remote. Maximum full throttle fuel consumption: 3.8 litres per hour. Fuel: 90+ Octane unleaded petrol. Maximum transom height: B10R4 - 17’’ (435mm) / B10RL (TPL, TEL, EL, PL)4 - 22’’ (562mm) / B10TPX (PX)4 - 27’’ (689mm). Throttle control and steering: B10R(L)4, B10TEL (TPL,TPX)4 – Tiller / B10EL (PL, PX)4 - Remote. Dry Weight: B10R4 – 37.0kg / B10RL4 – 38.0kg / B10TEL4, B10EL4 – 41.0kg / B10TPL4 – 47.5kg / B10TPX4 – 49.0kg / B10TPL4 – 47.0kg / B10TPX4 – 48.5kg. Gear shift: B10R (RL, TEL, TPL, TPX)4 - Front lever / B10EL (PL, PX)4 - Remote. Gears: Forward – neutral - reverse. Gear Ratio: 2.08:1 e.&o.e.