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Size  6hp Oyster Big Foot / Oyster Big Foot Sail    Model  Selva Oyster Big Foot 6hp – Selva Oyster 6hp Sail - Please click "View Details" button on the right for pictures, specifications and further information.     The Selva Oyster Big Foot 6hp is an excellent engine that is available in many versions. You can choose between three different shaft lengths, short shaft, long shaft and on the Sail models, extra long shaft making the Sail version ideal as an auxiliary outboard. You can also choose between manual hand recoil start, electric start via a button on the engine or even full remote key switch starting. No other outboard in this class offers so many choices. The Selva Oyster Big Foot utilises the same robust leg and gear box as used on its more powerful cousins, the Selva Black Bass Big Foot 8hp and the Selva Piranha 9.9hp. Consequently it is the only outboard in this class that has proper engine mounts. These reduce any engine vibration from the boat to the boat. All the Selva Oyster Big Foot’s competitors use the more basic centre pivot design leg for cheapness. To give a decent running time without having to carry spare fuel, a 12 litre external fuel tank is supplied. When not in use, the Selva Oyster Big Foot 6hp may be laid down on its tiller side or on its front, thus making transporting the engine simple. Unlike its competitors, the Selva Oyster Big Foot uses a low maintenance, high efficiency overhead camshaft (OHC) normally only found on larger engines. Again, unlike it’s competitors, the Selva also has a proper oil filter, resulting in cleaner oil, less engine wear, greater reliability and longer life! With all these class leading features, the Selva Oyster Bigfoot is an engine that is difficult to beat. For our special discount price, please call OUTBOARDS-DIRECT of BRIGHTON on 01273-603322 or e-mail us via the ‘Contact Us’ button towards the top left of this page. e.&o.e. ©   
Engine Type: 4-stroke / 1 Cylinder. Displacement: 135cc. Power output: 4.4kW (6hp) @ 5,750 R/min.. Starter System: Manual recoil – F6MHC-BF / MHL-BF/ MHX-BF, electric - F6EHC-BF / EHL-BF / EHX-BF, remote electric - ERC-BF / ERL-BF / ERX-BF. Steering: Tiller - F6MHC-BF / MHL-BF / MHX-BF / EHC-BF / EHL-BF / EHX-BF, remote F6ERC-BF / ERL-BF / ERX-BF. Dry Weight: F6MHC-BF – 30.5kg / F6MHL-BF – 31.2kg / F6MHX-BF Sail – 32kg / F6EHC-BF – 31kg / F6EHL-BF – 32kg / F6EHX-BF – 33kg / F6ERC-BF 30.5kg / F6ERL-BF 31.2kg / F6ERX-BF Sail – 32kg. Cooling: Thermostat controlled, pumped water. Transom height: All C models – 15’’-17’’ (381mm-432mm), all L models 19’’-21’’ (483mm-533mm), all X models 24’’-26’’ (610mm-660mm). Carburation: Single carburettor. Fuel Tank: Separate 12 litres. Lubrication: Wet Sump. Lighting Coil/Alternator: F6MHC-BF / MHL-BF / MHX-BF – Optional 12V-5amp, all F6E models - 12V-5amp. Gear Ratio: 13:27. e.&o.e.