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Size  CARB 2004 / 2008 (U.S.)     Model  CARB standards are an indication of low emissions, but have no official status in the UK or the EU. CARB 2004 Two Star label (Very Low Emissions) and CARB 2008 Three Star label (Ultra Low Emissions) represents compliance with the California Air Resources Board standards, which will be implemented in 2004 and 2008 respectively. These standards are very strict, with the two star CARB 2004 standards representing 20% lower emissions than the EPA 2006 standards whilst the ultra strict CARB 2008 standards, represented by the three star label, represents a phenomenal 65% reduction of nitrous oxide (NO) and hydrocarbon emissions compared to the EPA 2006 standards. Presently, the three star CARB 2008 standards have the lowest limits FOR THE GASES THEY REPRESENT, compared with EPA 2006 and EU 2006 standards. Please note that the EU 2006 standard also includes carbon monoxide (CO) and noise emissions. As the CARB standards do not measure CO, they are able to have a lower nitrous oxide limit as there is a direct relation between Nitrous oxide and carbon monoxide. If the output of one is lowered, the quantity of the other is raised. In the USA the regulators are not concerned with carbon monoxide (even though it is a lethal, odourless and colourless gas!) and thus have set the nitrous oxide limit extremely low. The effect of this is that although the engines may be adjusted to meet this limit, the carbon monoxide output level has increased dramatically. Consequently, the EU 2006 European standard is actually much more difficult to meet than the CARB standards. Compared to old 1998 limits, CARB 2008 limits are 90% lower! e.&.o.e.         
Regulations not applicable in EU.