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Model  Adjustable Outboard Bracket    Type  Adjustable auxiliary 20hp outboard motor bracket- Please click "View Details" button on the right for pictures, specifications and further information.     This superb stainless steel adjustable outboard motor bracket is the perfect bracket for most auxiliary outboard motors. Its robust construction allows it to carry engines of up to 20hp with a maximum weight of 50kg. To make raising and lowering the engine easy, this stainless steel outboard engine bracket has a pair of powerful springs that provide up to 35kg of assistance. The outboard bracket may be locked at four different heights and it has about 29cm (11’’) of movement between the fully raised and lowered positions. For a variety of reasons this bracket has proved our most popular ever. One reason is that the ‘arms’ of this bracket are 9cm in width. This means that the pivot points at either end of the ‘arms’ are more than twice as far apart as those on many competitors’ brackets, resulting in this bracket having far more lateral stability, which means that this adjustable outboard engine bracket has far less ‘wobble’! A large handle that spans the width of the ‘arms’ operates the bracket. This allows the bracket to be set in two intermediate positions as well as fully up and down. Once this outboard bracket’s position has been selected, it is locked in position by simply tightening a large hand nut on either side of the handle’s mechanism. This helps ensure that the bracket will not accidentally release itself when the boat is in rough seas and further increase the overall rigidity of the bracket. The high quality stainless steel and the robust marine plywood, engine mounting pad combine to give a long, reliable life. The marine plywood engine pad not only is much stronger than the plastic pads that are commonly used, but also allows the engine’s clamps screws to grip much better. This adjustable outboard motor bracket is manufactured using top quality materials and is not to be confused with cheaply constructed copies that are offered elsewhere and that use lower quality and thinner materials. Lesser brackets have been known to fail when stressed, resulting in the loss of the auxiliary engine! This outboard bracket now comes with an adjustable mounting foot (not shown), allowing the bracket to be mounted on transoms that are sloping more than the normal 14 degrees. The wooden pad’s dimensions are: 8 ½’’ width, 11 ¾’’ height, 1 11/16’’ thickness. It is important to note that when outboard brackets are being used on planing power boats, with the auxiliary engine being mounted on the bracket whilst running with the main engine, that the bracket’s weight capacity should be roughly halved to allow for the extra stresses that can occur. It is not as important on displacement craft as they tend to have a much smoother ride resulting in much lower inertial forces. Although listed at £169-99, we can offer you this dependable outboard motor bracket for the special discount price of just £99-99 including VAT. Carriage is from just £9-99 including VAT. For more details please call Charles Oakley on 01273-603322 or e-mail us via the ‘Contact Us’ button towards the top left of this page. e.&o.e. ©   
Just £99-99 inc.VAT.