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Model  Multi Valve Head    Description  The normal number of valves per cylinder is one inlet and one exhaust. However, on most engines, considerable improvements in efficiency may be obtained by using 3 or more valves per cylinder. Having more valves, enables the gases flowing into and out of the cylinders to move faster, which results in better power and lower fuel consumption The Suzuki DF30 model uses 3 valves per cylinder, whilst the DF40 / 50, the DF90 / 115 and the DF140 all use four valves per cylinder. To operate the valves, all the 4 valve per cylinder models, use a double overhead camshaft drive. Amongst various benefits, this allows these models to rev and accelerate more freely. All the other multi cylinder Suzuki four strokes utilise a single overhead camshaft, which combines efficiency with simplicity. e.&o.e.