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Model  Marine water / fuel separator filter    Type  Fuel / Water separator filters     Due to the ethanol content in todayís petrol, water is attracted into the fuel from the atmosphere. Consequently it is even more important than ever before that you ensure that your outboard gets clean water free petrol. In particular all fuel injected outboards need a proper marine fuel / water separator filter to help prevent any water getting into the fuel pump and injectors which can cause some very expensive damage! Without doubt the Yamaha water / fuel separator filter assembly is just about the best filter on the market. At last we can offer a corrosion free, fuel / water separator filter for outboards. No more filter head corroding into white powder! No more filter canisters rusting until they leak! No more electrolytic corrosion between the bracket and the bolts, or the mounting surface! This superb filter assembly has all the features you need. The body of this outboard water / fuel separator is made entirely of high strength plastic, and has been designed to cope with modern petrol with itís high alcohol content. This robust outboard filter keeps your fuel clean, as it will keep out contamination down to just 10 microns. It could not be easier to check for the presence of water. Just look through the large clear bowl and check if the bright red float ring inside is at the bottom. If so, there is no water. If the float has risen, then there is water present, in which case simply open the special drain in the base of the unit to remove the water. With a maximum flow rate of 200 litres per hour, this marine water / fuel separator filter can cope with any outboard engine on the market today and for the foreseeable future! When required, the filter element is easily changed in next to no time. This outboard fuel / water separator filter is supplied complete with connectors. The inlet may be set on either side and the outlet may be set to point to either side, and even up or down. Trust Yamaha to offer such an excellent bit of kit! Whilst stocks last we can offer this Yamaha filter separator assembly for the special discount price starting from just £99-00 including VAT. Yamaha also offer a smaller version for engines up to 70hp, which have similar features, and we can supply these from just £74.99 including VAT. If you have any questions, or wish to order, please call Charles on 01273-603322 / 604432 during normal office hours. e.&o.e. ©