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Size  15hp / 20hp Wahoo    Model  Selva Wahoo 15hp - Selva Wahoo 20hp - Please click "View Details" button on the right for pictures, specifications and further information.     Both the Selva Wahoo 15hp and Wahoo 20hp offer superb performance. They share the same 362cc capacity powerhead, which offers excellent torque to punch a boat up onto the plane, combined with very low engine noise and great fuel economy. For maximum for operator convenience and comfort, on the tiller control models, a quick adjust steering friction lever is mounted at the front, above which is the front mounted gear lever. A 10 amp alternator is standard on the electric start models, and a 120 watt lighting output is available on the hand start versions. On both the Selva Wahoo 15hp and 20hp engines, tiller control with electric start is available on the long shaft models and on the Selva Wahoo 20hp, the tiller controlled, electric start model can even be specified with power tilt! Both power sizes are available with full remote control, electric start, in either short shaft or long shaft, and the remote control, electric start, Wahoo 20hp is also offered with power tilt, like its tiller controlled cousin. The power tilt is great for boats where the engine is awkward to reach, as it allows the operator to tilt the engine all the way up or down, at the touch of a button. The excellent reliability is backed by Selva’s standard three year warranty. For our special discount price, please call OUTBOARDS-DIRECT of BRIGHTON on 01273-603322 or e-mail us via the ‘Contact Us’ button towards the top left of this page. e.&o.e. ©    
Engine Type: 4-stroke / 2 Cylinder in-line. Displacement: 362cc. Power output: 11.0kW (15hp) @ 5,500 R/min. / 14.7kW (20hp) @ 5,500 R/min. Dry Weight: F15MHC – F20MHC 51.7kg / F15MHL – F20MHL 53.7kg / F15EHL – F20EHL 55.7kg / F15ERC – F20ERC 52.7kg / F15ERL – F20ERL 54.7kg / F20EHPL 62kg / F20ERPL 60.7kg. Carburation: Single carburettor with accelerator pump. Fuel Tank: Wahoo 15hp – Wahoo 20hp - Separate 25 litres. Lubrication: Wet Sump – 1.6 litre capacity. Lighting Coil/Alternator : F15M – F20M, 12 volt – 120watt AC / F15E – F20E, 12 volt - 10amp DC. Starter System: F15M – F20M, manual, recoil / F15EHL – F20EHL – F20EHPL, electric / F15ER – F20ER, remote electric. Steering: F15MH – F15EHL - F20MH – F20EH, tiller / F15ER – F20ER, remote. Tilt method: F15MH – F15EH – F20MH – F20MH, manual / F20EHP - F20ERP, Power tilt. Gear ratio: 13:27. e.&o.e