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Model  PRO 7 man / PRO 9 man / PRO 12 man / PRO 16 man    Description  The Zodiac Pro range offers craft in four sizes. The 7 man is 4.20 metres in length, with the 9 man measuring 4.70 metres, the 12 man is 5.3 metres overall, whilst the 16 man is 6.00 metres long. Like her larger cousins, the Pro 7 man R.I.B. although the smallest in the Pro range, with its deep V hull is able to perform as well as larger craft from other manufacturers in all manner of conditions. The large diameter, multi chamber detachable tubes offer tremendous buoyancy and make the craft very stable at rest. Of course, if you get bored with one colour, you can always purchase another set of buoyancy tubes in the alternate colour and swap them at will! The Pro 9 man, like the Pro 7 man offers more interior length than its predecessor, and has greater interior width than before. They are both able to handle heavier and more powerful engines than before, to enable them to carry more weight on board, faster than ever before. The best-selling Zodiac Pro range simply gets better and better. Superb handling at all speeds, a dry and comfortable ride results in the best that there is! No matter whether for fishing, skiing, diving, commercial operations etc., the Zodiac Pro range is the number one choice. For our special discount price, please call OUTBOARDS-DIRECT of BRIGHTON on 01273-603322 or e-mail us via the ‘Contact Us’ button towards the top left of this page. e.&o.e. ©        
Please see specifications on Pro common features 'details' page.