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Model  Acti-V Airfloor & keel    Description  The H2P high pressure performance inflatable floor design developed by Zodiac has now been taken to another level, the new Acti-V . The extra thick 67mm Acti-V not only features all of the advantages of the H2P Airfloor (please see separate H2P Airfloor page for further details), but it also has a H2P keel. The Acti-V keel is not only much taller and thinner than conventional inflatable keels, but it as rigid as a beam. It forms a very deep V hull shape, deeper indeed than some R.I.B.s. Although fully inflatable, because of the strength endowed by the extra thickness of the floor, combined with the re-inforcing effect of the high pressure keel, the Acti-V floor / keel assembly is able to resist flexing to a degree never before achieved. The result is a range of craft that are the smoothest, driest riding, and the best handling in their class. For maximum convenience, the Acti-V floor & keel assembly is inflated from a single valve. e.&o.e.