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Model  Removable Tube System    Description  The removable tube system is a clever concept used by Zodiac on most of the R.I.B. models. The benefits are that the tube may be removed for storage, repair, maintenance and transportation. Obviously in the unfortunate event that the inflatable tube should become damaged, it if far easier to package it in a box and send it to be repaired, rather than have to take the entire boat to a specialist repair centre. When the craft is not in use for a long period, it may well be better for the tube to be removed and stored away from the effects of the weather. How many R.I.B.s have tubes that look tired and dirty? With this easy to use system, that will be a thing of the past! To install the tube, simply unroll the it and then slide the special bolt rope attached to the inner side of the tube into the slot starting near the bow of the rigid hull. Pull the tube along the length of the slot, and secure them. Now inflate the tube and that’s it, your boat is ready for the water! e.&o.e. ©        
Made from Strongan™ Duotex™, using 'thermobonding'. Please see relevant pages for more details.