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Model  Cadet Planing Flaps    Description  Unique to the Zodiac Cadet range are this new innovation. These tough, detachable, double hinged, planing flaps enable the boat to get onto the plane more easily and faster, whilst allowing the boat to plane at lower speeds than without the flaps. They also reduce the bow rise when getting onto the plane. Typically they are especially useful when using a four stroke engine that is near to the maximum rating for the boat, or when operating the inflatable just one up. If just on person is aboard, to get the boat onto the plane, so that it is going over the water rather than through it, it is normal to sit much further forward than when two or more people are onboard. However, these planning flaps allow the operator to sit further back, making it more comfortable, and in many cases completely eliminating the need for an extension tiller. These flaps are quickly fitted to the permanent bracket on the transom (bracket standard on 2005 series Cadet Fastroller Acti-V models) and may be easily folded in half and then up against the transom when they are not needed. A kit allows them to be fitted to all Zodiac Cadets. e.&o.e.