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Model  “Safe Click” oar support    Description  This new reclining oar support allows the oars to be interchanged, and installed and removed in a “click”. No parts to screw on. No fitting the wrong way around, just locate the rowlock and “click”! The rowlocks also allow the oar to be correctly angled whilst rowing, as well as being adjusted to suit the rower’s shoulder width. Many competitors rowlocks consist of a pin which pushes through a hole drilled in the oar (thus weakening the oar) and with a separate screw on cap to keep the oar attached, a design which obviously does not allow the oar to be angled etc., unlike the patented Zodiac “Safe Click”. For simplicity, strength and safety, the Zodiac “Safe Click” oar support leads the way! (Some earlier Zodiac reclining oar supports may be upgraded to the new “Safe Click” design. Please ask us for further details) e.&o.e. ©