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Size  Yamaha 9.9hp High Thrust    Model  Yamaha High Thrust FT9.9LMHX - FT9.9LEL - FT9.9LEX.      The Yamaha FT9.9L High Thrust is carries on Yamaha’s tradition of producing specialised outboards for displacement boat applications. What makes these superb outboards so special is the almost 3:1 reduction ratio gearbox. This enables the FT9.9L High Thrust four stroke to turn a very large diameter propeller. Instead of pushing a small column of water quickly like all it’s competitors with their smaller diameter and fast turning propellers , the Yamaha FT9.9L High Thrust pushes a large column of water slowly. This is much more efficient for displacement boats as the slippage of the propeller in the water is greatly reduced . As a result, the thrust produced by the Yamaha FT9.9L High Thrust is unmatched by any competitor in this class. Not only does it produce prodigious amounts of thrust forwards, but the reverse thrust is also phenomenal, resulting in far easier manoeuvring and stopping capability. To get close to the thrust produced by the Yamaha FT9.9L High Thrust when in forward gear, competitors have to use 15hp-20hp engines. However even then, the competitors engines still produce considerably less thrust in reverse! In simple terms, the Yamaha FT9.9L High Thrust has no direct competitor! The thrust of the Yamaha FT9.9L series outboards make them absolutely ideal for displacement craft ranging from catamarans, to yachts, to inland waterway cruisers, or as a powerful auxiliary engine on 25’-35’ powercraft. Smooth, quiet and very economic, these engines are available as extra long shaft , hand start, tiller control, ( FT9.9LMHX) or with electric start, remote control (FT9.9LEL / FT9.9LEX). Please note that availability can be very restricted at times on these models. Sometimes we have them available from our stock, but it if not, it can take as long as 4 months to obtain from the time of order! Consequently,order your engine NOW to avoid disappointment! For our special discount price, please call OUTBOARDS-DIRECT of BRIGHTON on 01273-603322 or e-mail us via the ‘Contact Us’ button towards the top left of this page. e.&o.e. ©    
Engine Type: 4-stroke / 2 Cylinder in-line. Displacement: 212cc. Power output: 7.3kW (9.9 hp) @ 5,500 R/min. Dry Weight: FT9.9LMHX 46kg / FT9.9LEL 45kg / FT9.9LEX 46kg. Carburation: Single carburettor with accelerator pump. Fuel Tank: Separate 12 litres. Lubrication: Wet Sump – 0.8 litre. Alternator: 12volt – 6amp. A.C. 12 volt lighting output: FT9.9LMHX – Standard. D.C. Voltage rectifier/ regulator: Optional – FT9.9LMHX / Standard - FT9.9LEL – FT9.9LEX. Starter System: Manual recoil –FT9.9LMHX / Remote electric – FT9.9LE. Steering: Tiller – FT9.9LMHX / remote – FT9.9LE. Gear Ratio: 2.92:1 (38:13). Tilt operation: Manual. Trim: 4 positions. Shallow water drive: Standard. e.&o.e.