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Model  EU 2006 Standard    Description  EU 2006 Emissions Standards Label represents conformity to the EU emissions standards proposed by the Commission of the European Communities on 12th October 2000. IT IS THE ONLY EMISSION STANDARD THAT AFFECTS UK AND EU ENGINES. All other emission standards are irrelevant for the UK and the rest of the EU (for example EPA 2006, CARB 2004 /2008). The EU2006 standards will only affect the SUPPLY of NEW outboards for ‘RECREATIONAL’ use. By ‘recreational’, the regulators exclude engines for commercial registered vessels and racing engines. This text only is only with regard to recreational engines. ALL engines sold PRIOR to the full implementation of the standards on the dates shown below, may continue to be used. Effectively, after 31st December 2006, any NEW spark ignition two stroke outboard motor which does not meet the EU 2006 standards, (basically conventional carburettor / E.F.I. 2-strokes) will cease to be imported / manufactured into the EU. However, any engines held in stock by EU importers or dealers, which have been tax paid, are exempt, in the same way as though they had been sold prior to the regulations. Equally, only spark ignition four stroke and compression ignition (diesel) outboards, which meet the regulations, may be sold from 31st December 2005, with the same exemption about stock units. It should be noted that the spark ignition four stroke and compression ignition engines are required to meet the regulations a year earlier than spark ignition 2-strokes. (For more details see "Emissions: The Truth") Unlike the EPA and CARB standards, the EU 2006 standard covers three constituents of exhaust emissions, and noise levels. The exhaust emissions included are nitrous oxide and hydrocarbons (as included in EPA & CARB standards) plus carbon monoxide. Consequently the EU 2006 standard is the most difficult to attain compared with EPA and CARB. Unlike the US standards that allow a percentage of ‘dirty’ engines to be sold, the EU 2006 standard will affect EVERY NEW engine sold in the EU. The EU 2006 standard is also the only standard that also covers noise levels for outboards. It should be noted that the EU2006 standard also affects inboard engines in a similar manner to outboards. e.&.o.e. ©         
All Evinrude 2003 / 2004 series models meet the EU 2006 standard.