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Size  2.5hp Sea Horse    Model  Selva Sea Horse 2.5hp - Please click "View Details" button on the right for pictures, specifications and further information.     The Selva 2.5hp Sea Horse four stroke is the ideal small engine for many users, especially for dinghy and small yacht sailors. At 15kg, the Selva Sea Horse 2.5hp outboard is very light and easily carried. A twist grip throttle and a centrifugal clutch make it simple to operate. However, what really sets the Selva apart from ANY competitor is its unique oil injection lubrication system. The benefit of this oil injection system to the user, is that unlike ALL other small four stroke outboards, the Selva 2.5hp may be laid down on its front, on its back, or on either side! It does not matter which way down it lays. Not only is this a great advantage when handling the outboard, but also it is perfect when sailing a dinghy or small yacht, because no matter how much the boat heels or pitches, the oil will not escape nor get into parts that it should not! This superb new portable Selva is the ONLY new engine on the market that has this advantage. If any other small four stroke is tilted too far or the wrong way, oil will get into the carburettor or the cylinder or even leak out of the engine. In the event of leakage, if the engine is started, severe engine damage could result due to a low oil level! Equally, if oil has entered the cylinder or carburettor, then the engine cannot be started! We cannot stress enough that the Selva 2.5hp Sea Horse is the ONLY new four stroke outboard that has been designed to completely eliminate this potential problem. For low maintenance the Selva has an air-cooled powerhead and a water cooled exhaust. Another unique feature is the starting of the Seahorse. Selva have equipped this engine with “Easy Pull”. Gently pull the starter cord slowly two or three times, and when the recoil spring has enough tension, it will automatically release and start the engine. The Selva Seahorse has excellent performance and economy. Also included with the engine as standard is a fabric cover to protect the powerhead when the engine is not is use. All this and a three years warranty for complete peace of mind. For further specifications and a picture, please click on the “View Details” button. For more information about this model, please call Charles Oakley on 01273-603322. e.&o.e. ©   
Engine Type: 4-stroke / 1 Cylinder. Displacement: 55cc. Power output: 1.84kW (2.5 hp) @ 5,500 R/min.. Starter System: Manual. Steering: Tiller with twist grip throttle. Dry Weight: 15kg F2.5MHC / 16kg F2.5MHL. Recommended transom height: F2.5MHC 15’’ (381mm) / F2.5MHL 20’’ (508mm). Carburation: Single carburettor. Fuel Tank: Integral - 1 litre. Lubrication: Oil injection into fuel. Lighting Coil/Alternator: N/A. Gear Ratio: 13:30. Gear shift: Centrifugal clutch / 360° rotation for direction. Trim / tilt: 4 position / manual. Cooling: Powerhead – air / exhaust & leg – water. Starter: “Easy pull” automatic manual recoil. e.&o.e.