Evinrude E175DPX E-Tec

Evinrude E175DPX E-Tec almost new!

The Evinrude E-Tec E175DPX is made for boats requiring an extra long shaft engine. The boats typically have a transom height of around 25’’ / 635mm. This Evinrude outboard is a very fuel efficient 2,589cc, 6 cylinder V6, 175hp, direct fuel injected two stroke. The engine is extremely slender through the use of a very compact 60° angle in the “V”. Unlike the many 4 cylinder competitors in this power class, the Evinrude is extremely smooth running by virtue of the 6 cylinders. As with the other Evinrude engines, they offer the very best in terms of performance, economy and reliability. Smooth and quiet at all speeds, there is also no visible smoke when using this engine, even when starting or trolling at low speeds. Low weight is another advantage. In fact they are the lightest engines in this class and weigh about 25kg less than competitors’ 4-stroke engines of just 150hp, let alone 175hp! The fuel economy is superb and clients report better consumption than with four strokes. With the Evinrude’s blend of economy, performance etc, it beat the four strokes with ease! A three bladed stainless steel propeller, a remote control box, and two N.M.E.A 2000 compliant, multi function gauges are all included. One of the instruments has a main function as a tachometer whilst the main function of the other instrument is as a GPS driven speedometer. Both instruments have a digital panel below the main needle which can give all sorts of different readouts including battery voltage, fuel flow, trim angle etc.. With a dealer scheduled service interval of three years / 300 hours running time (whichever is first) means less servicing costs, less down time, and more boating! With an engine doing 100 hours running a year or less, in three years the Evinrude needs just one service, whilst it’s competitors will need to have no less than four services! Of course this sort of service interval has to be designed in to the engine, which exactly what Evinrude did and is why the Evinrude engines tend to be stronger than their competitors, leading to superb reliability. This particular engine has a handful of hours running time and over 8 years manufacturer’s warranty. Yes over 8 years warranty! All this for the superb price of just £11,699. For more information about this engine or to place an order, please call us on 01273 603322 or by using the email contact link below the specifications. E.&O.E.

  • Engine Model: E175DPXAB
  • Colour: White
  • Engine Type:
  • E-Tec 2 stroke / 6-cylinder 60º V6
  • Bore x Stroke: 91mm x 66mm
  • Displacement: 2,589cc
  • Maximum output: 175hp – 128.7kW @ 5,350 rpm
  • Full Throttle RPM Range: 4,850-5.850 RPM
  • Gear Ratio: 1.85:1 (13:24_
  • Dry weight: 196kg
  • Throttle control: Remote cable
  • Gear shift control: Remote cable
  • Steering: Remote
  • Starting: Electric
  • Fuel Induction:
  • E-TEC Direct Injection with stratified low RPM combustion mode
  • Alternator Output:
  • 133 Amps Total / 50 Amps Net Dedicated
  • Trim Method: Power trim & tilt
  • Shallow water drive: Power trim & tilt
  • Recommended transom height: 25”
  • Recommended Fuel: 87 Octane or higher
  • Integrated features:
  • Auto-winterization, no break-in period
  • Warranty: 8-Year
  • Emissions Compliance: European Union
  • e.&.o.e.
Evinrude 175hp E-Tec8 years warranty, R/C box, instruments etc.£11,699